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    Briefly, hair transplantation is the addition of hair follicles to areas where hair density is low. hair transplant graft is the most important part of the operation as the doctor will extract the grafts from the donor area and transplant it into the balding area. In hair transplants, the surgeon uses patient’s own hair in the area where hair loss occurs. Thanks to the advancements in the technology, you can obtain completely natural results in hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, the person continues his life as if he never faced hair transplant. You can eliminate problems with hair loss forever. Keep reading to find out more about hair transplant and grafts.

    What is a hair graft?

    The word graft is a word that patients who are opting for a hair transplant hear very often. It is used not only in the field of hair transplantation but also in dentistry and other medical fields. Generally, the hair graft meaning is when the surgeon will take a tissue from the scalp without any nerve and vascular connections. Skin and skin grafts help greatly in treating burns and wounds, while hair graft helps in hair transplantation.

    Grafting in Hair Transplant

    Hair graft is a tissue that the surgeons take from the donor area during hair transplantation and add to the area where hair loss occurs. There is some skin and hair roots in the graft. The types of hair transplant graft vary depending on the amount of skin it contains and the number of hair follicles.

    For hair transplantation, the surgeons take hair grafts from the person. Hair transplantation is not possible with other grafts. The doctor will usually take the grafts from the back of the person’s head because the hair follicles here are coded not to fall out. Different numbers of hair follicles may be present in the grafts taken from the area between the two ears behind the head. Hair follicles are usually located in grafts in pairs, triples or quads. The tips used for the removal of grafts are 1 / 1.2 mm wide. If you remove too many grafts with this technique, there may be a risk of scarring.

    What is the ideal hair transplant graft count?

    It is crucial to determine the ideal count for grafts. Once you determine that, you can move on to the transplant. The number of hair grafts per square centimeter for the hair transplant should not be too little or too much so that the hair does not lose its natural appearance. However, there are factors affecting the number of hair grafts per square centimeter. These factors are the patient’s hair density, expectation from hair transplant and the structure of the hair.

    The density of the hair in the donor area is very important. If the doctor removes more hair follicles from the donor area, this area will have a sparse hair appearance. If you require a dense image and the donor site is suitable for this, you can transplant more hair follicles. However, usually doctors do not recommend transplanting more hair follicles if the donor site is not suitable.

    The number of hair follicles for the transplant is an important point to determine before the operation. The surgeon will perform hair transplantation graft calculation before the procedure. The number of grafts does not mean the number of hair follicles. Therefore, it is not important how many hair grafts the surgeon will transplant in the hair transplant operation, but how many hair follicles are present in the grafts for the transplant. How much hair will grow in the transplanted area is not determined by the number of grafts transplanted but by the number of hair follicles in the grafts.

    How are hair transplant grafts collected?

    The grafts in the donor region are collected by different methods. There are triple and quadruple hair roots in the grafts in hair transplantation with Fut method. The skin remains scarred because the grafts contain too much skin. In hair transplantation with Fue technique, the hair follicles in the grafts are usually triple and quadruple. In this method, smaller grafts are collected. The small size of the grafts allows the wounds to heal faster.

    Storage of hair transplant grafts

    The collection method of hair transplant grafts is individual from the donor site at the first stage of hair transplantation. It is important that the hair grafts from the donor area remain viable and healthy until transplantation. Therefore, the storage of grafts will be in a special solution after removal from the donor area. Non-specialists in hair transplantation do not pay enough attention to protect the collected grafts. They damage the hair transplant grafts during the collection and retention of the grafts. Correct collection of hair grafts is important for healthy hair follicles. Grafts in unfavorable conditions suffer significant losses and decrease in process efficiency. Therefore, graft preservation is very important in hair transplantation.

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