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  • What are the Effects of Smoking on the Hair Transplant Process?

    There are some points to be considered before and after hair transplantation. Sowing person may need to change daily routine and feeding habits during sowing. In particular, alcohol and smoking may need to be restricted. If this does not limit their use, the healing process of the individual may be prolonged and the desired results may not be achieved completely. Keep reading for smoking after hair transplant. 

    The Effect of Smoking on Hair Transplantation

    Although it is a fact known to everyone that smoking is harmful, the extent of these damages is not known by most people. Almost all smokers are not aware of the harm that smoking can cause in surgical operations. Smoking can have negative effects on all surgical operations. The risk of complications increases during the operation of people who regularly smoke. There are many chemicals in cigarettes. These chemicals that enter the body through smoking cause changes in cell structure. When the use of cigarettes, which are very harmful to health, ends, the effects of this situation are immediately recognized. After hair transplantation smokers should be aware of the negative effects that may occur during this process. Although smokers cannot quit smoking, they should try to take a break during planting.

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    Benefits of Stopping Smoking Before Hair Transplantation

    The amount of oxygen in people who smoke is less than normal. When smoking cessation, the oxygen content increases. Therefore, the longer the smoking is stopped before the hair transplantation process, the better. Stopping smoking the day before the operation will restore normal heart rhythm.

    The narrowing of the vascular access of smokers. This narrowing results in a slowdown in blood flow. When smoking ceases, this condition begins to return to normal.

    Blood pressure in people who quit smoking gradually returns to normal.

    If the cigarette is stopped 1 day before the procedure, the oxygen in the blood increases. The heart rhythm begins to return to normal.

    When the cessation of smoking is stopped 10 days before the procedure, the siliar functions improve. Reduction in the amount of sputum occurs. Although the immune system cannot recover, it starts to improve. A well-functioning immune system during the procedure minimizes the risk of infection and complications. This also allows the wounds to heal faster.

    When smoking is stopped 1 month before the procedure, the circulatory system returns to normal. Respiratory system begins to improve and lung function increases.

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    Benefits of Stopping Smoking After Hair Transplantation

    It is recommended that smoking be interrupted after the procedure in order not to interrupt the recovery period after the operation. Although it is recommended to stop smoking completely, this may not be possible in some patients. For this reason, it is generally recommended to stop smoking for the first 10 days after the procedure.

    Smoking after hair transplant is highly damaging to the immune system. If smoking is discontinued, the immune system gradually begins to revert. The risk of complications in the operation is reduced if the immune system works regularly. The recovery rate increases after the procedure.

    Smoking can cause weakened hair follicles. Planted hair follicles need healthy blood circulation in order to grow in a healthy way. Healthy blood circulation is not possible with narrowing vessels due to smoking.

    Smoking during the procedure is very damaging to the hair follicles that have just settled. For the hair to grow healthy and bushy, the doctors' recommendations should be followed.

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