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  • Treatment Methods Of Eyebrow Loss

    Eyebrows go from the region that attracts the most attention and show the expression quite. Well-groomed and bushy eyebrows are everyone's choice. However, sometimes the eyebrows can be infrequently innate. I know some of the reasons, but even though it may live a little spoonful. It is possible to give a son eyebrows to eyebrows and to replace new eyebrows with new ones. A good understanding of some reasons for the recovery of eyebrows. Eyebrows that are shed as a result of any illness will not return to their original state without treatment. Therefore, a specialist should be consulted first and the scanner is investigating the causes of eyebrow loss.


    Causes of Eyebrow Shedding

    Eyebrow shedding is a problem seen in many people. Eyebrow loss does not mean having infrequent eyebrows. Subsequent expresses a significant reduction in eyebrows for any reason. Eyebrow loss can be seen in everyone regardless of gender. The spill may be permanent or temporary. To determine whether the spill is temporary or permanent, it is necessary to understand the cause of the spill. The causes of eyebrow loss are mainly;


    1. Inadequate Nutrition: Malnutrition causes loss of eyebrows and hair. Those who experience eyebrow loss should choose foods rich in vitamins and iron.

    2. Eyebrow Makeup: Eyebrow makeup to give a more beautiful look to the eyebrows can also cause spills in the eyebrows. Makeup with excessive pressure causes spills in the eyebrows.

    3. Eyebrow: One of the biggest reasons for the loss of eyebrow eyebrow. This application is made to make the eyebrows look more shapely and smooth. Incorrect eyebrow removal and frequent repetition of this process will cause eyebrows.

    4. Eyebrow Loss and Thyroid Failure: Thyroid failure causes both hair loss and eyebrow loss. If your eyebrows are shedding, you should see a specialist to see if you have thyroid failure.

    Treatment Methods of Eyebrow Loss

    When the cause of eyebrow shedding occurs, treatment is possible. In cases such as thyroid failure, eyebrow loss is prevented when the disease is treated. When the person starts to use the necessary medication, the problem of eyebrow shedding is eliminated. Some natural treatment methods (garlic, almond oil, etc.) also help to grow eyebrows. When the treatments do not respond at all, the only remaining solution is eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation is ideal for people who experience eyebrow loss or sparse.

    Permanent eyebrow loss is no longer a problem thanks to more advanced technologies. Eyebrow transplantation is a successful operation. Eyebrow transplantation can be easily applied in people who have a rare congenital eyebrow, who lost their eyebrows due to accidents and similar reasons and those who experienced eyebrow loss. After the procedure, the person gets natural and bushy eyebrows. Before and after eyebrow transplantation photographs can be examined to better understand whether eyebrow transplantation works.


    Eyebrow Transplant Centers

    If one of the causes of eyebrow loss is hereditary or shedding cannot be avoided, the only way to get rid of this situation is to sow eyebrows. For those who decide to have this procedure, it is very important to choose a good eyebrow transplantation center. Since our eyebrows are the most remarkable points of the face, a wrong application can cause big changes in the appearance of the person. In addition, the natural standing of the eyebrows is very important. Successful eyebrow transplantation should be performed by a specialist in the field. Make sure that the tools used are the latest technology.


    Esthetic Hair Turkey is at your side in eyebrow transplantation operations. You can realize a 100% successful eyebrow transplantation in our center which provides service with its expert staff and the latest technology tools. You can contact us to get information about eyebrow transplant prices.


    Especially in modern times, hair is like our identity. Thanks to the fashion and cosmetic industries, our hair styles reflect who we are. However, not everybody is that lucky. Some people face hair loss or a loss in the density of their hair. People, especially men, have hair loss at some point in their lives.

    Also, women complain about the weakness of their hair at some level. This condition makes people have low self-esteem. People who have hair loss generally refer to products in the stores that promise to eliminate hair loss.