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    Whether hair will fall out after hair transplantation is one of the most frequently asked questions by the patients. People who have hair transplantation will be worried about the possibility of hair loss again. Those who do not know about shock hair loss may think that their hair is completely shed. This situation causes people to dream. The shedding process after hair transplantation is quite normal and this shedding is temporary and not permanent. Hair transplantation after hair transplantation is virtually negligible. Because the hair follicles used in hair transplantation takes the part of the people coded not to shed. This part is usually the back of the nape.

    Sudden shedding of hair after hair transplantation is called shock shedding. This spill usually begins in the first month after the procedure. Although shock shedding is worrisome, it is a part of the process. Shock spill occurs once. Shock loss occurs after the hair transplantation in the area where hair loss or hair loss does not occur again.

    What Causes Shock Hair Loss?

    Hair follicles have a cycle. This cycle; growth, waiting and spill. The hair follicles grow first, then enter the waiting period and fall out last. Then new hair comes out and the process continues in this way. Hair is constantly shed and new ones come out.

    The exact cause of the shock spill is not known. But there are various views on this issue. One of these is tissue damage and blood flow during planting. The hair follicles, which are removed during the procedure, are traumatized as long as they wait outside. Because of this trauma they put themselves to sleep. Therefore, shock shedding is experienced. Another idea is that the cause of the shock spill is to create a new cycle. Shock hair loss is normal after FUE hair transplant.

    Shock Hair Loss Is Everyone Experienced?

    Shock hair loss is a process that occurs in everyone after hair transplantation. Not only in hair transplantation, but also after the eyebrow and beard transplantation, this shock is experienced. Shock spill process varies by person. In some patients, this process is never experienced, while in others it may start early and end late. Shock spill can not be given a full time. The spilling time varies from person to person. In shock loss, hair does not fall out at once. The spill may take 1 or 2 months to complete. Instead of shedding hair follicles, new hair strands begin to grow. This will start the normal hair cycle.

    Shock Hair Loss Considerations During

    There are a number of points that need to be considered in order to avoid the shock spill process.

    • It should be ensured that the affected area does not receive any impact.
    • Products provided by the doctor should be used and hair should be treated gently during washing.
    • Cafein and smoking should be avoided.
    • Abundant water consumption is also very important in this process.
    • It should be avoided from heavy sports and situations that will make the head sweat.
    • Shock hair loss during the new hair follicles to be healthy and bushy to take care of the correct nutrition. Foods rich in vitamins and iron should be preferred.


    With Esthetic Hair Turkey, all hair transplantation stages are overcome in a very healthy and comfortable way. The expert team in our center follows the hair transplantation process meticulously.

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