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  • Painless Hair Transplant Is Possible?
    Hair loss is the only remedy for those who experience hair loss due to illness, accidents or genetics. Hair transplantation, which is the definitive solution for shedding hair, is a highly preferred operation. Hair transplantation can be applied to both men and women regardless of gender. Those who want to regain their hair want to have painless hair transplant. The idea of pain in the head of those who want to have the procedure can give people the idea of having hair transplanted. To find out whether the hair transplantation process is painful or painless, it is necessary to investigate the operation processes well.

    What is Hair Transplantation?

    Briefly, hair transplantation is the addition of the patient's own hair to the areas where hair loss occurs. Areas where hair follicles can be preferred are taken from places where hair loss is not experienced. This region is usually the back of the head (nape) part. There is no need to fully anesthetize the patient while hair transplantation is performed. For this reason, local anesthesia is applied in the operation. In the hair transplantation operation, both the donor area and the area where the hair will be transplanted are anesthetized. Considering the area where the operation is performed, it is not possible to have this operation without anesthesia. Anesthesia is one of the conditions necessary for comfortable and painless operation and postoperative period. With painless anesthesia hair transplantation, the operation is performed without any pain.

    What is Painless Anesthesia?

    In hair transplantation, local anesthesia is mandatory in order to prevent the patient from feeling pain during the opening of the canal for the collection and placement of hair follicles. As hair transplantation requires anesthesia like any surgical procedure, it becomes undesirable to be preferred by people who have fear of needles.As technology advances day by day, it makes many areas of our lives easier. The health sector also keeps up with these developments. Thanks to the developments in recent years, painless hair transplant has become possible with needle-free anesthesia. Painless and painless anesthesia method can be used with any hair transplantation technique. No needles are used in this process. Anesthesia is applied by pressure method. Hair transplantation with needle-free anesthesia is more and more preferred by people who care about comfort.The painless anesthetic device sprayes the anesthetic substance in the skin, allowing the drug to penetrate under the skin. This method, which is designed for those who do not want to have a needle, to perform their operations more easily and comfortably, can be used for every patient who does not prefer needle.

    Differences Between Needle Free Anesthesia and Needle Anesthesia

    Needles used in needle anesthesia are very thin. Numerous needle procedures are required to numb the whole region. In needle-free anesthesia, the area is anesthetized by pressure spraying. The anesthetic substance reaches the subcutaneous through the capillary openings.Needle-free anesthesia is a stressful situation for patients with needle fear, while needle-free anesthesia allows patients with needle fear to perform their operations without hesitation.

    Pros of Painless Hair Transplantation

    In the hair transplantation operation, a large number of needles are needed to numb the area. These needle strokes may cause redness, bruising and swelling in people. Painless anesthesia does not experience these situations.In pain-free anesthesia, the risk of infection is minimized as the skin is not pierced.Less anesthetic is used in painless anesthesia.In painless anesthesia, more areas are quickly anesthetized in less time.With Esthetic Hair Turkey, your hair is as natural as the first day. You can come to our center and do your hair transplantation without any pain. You can request your appointment painless hair transplant center of attention in Turkey without delay our quest. Contact us for more information and free consultation.