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    Istanbul, which connects the continents of Europe and Asia, is a city that attracts attention with its geographical location and cultural texture. Turkey's most populous city every year millions of tourists come to Istanbul. In recent years, the number of tourists coming for holiday as well as tourists for health tourism has been increasing exponentially. Istanbul is a city of health tourism in Turkey's most preferred. There are many different hair transplant centers in Istanbul for the most preferred hair transplant operations in health tourism.


    What are the Reasons Why Istanbul is Preferred in Hair Transplant?

    The first reason Istanbul is preferred in hair transplant operations is doctors. Hair transplant centers in Istanbul have specialized and highly experienced hair transplant doctors. Doctors are very experienced in different hair types as they transplant hair to many patients from all over the world. There are also many well-known doctors in Istanbul. Many foreign doctors come to Istanbul to receive training from these doctors.

    Hair implant in Istanbul is carried out using the latest techniques. Hair transplant doctors are using new methods in operations such as Sapphire FUE hair transplantor DHI hair transplant. Hair transplant performed with new methods gives the hair a more natural look.

    It is important that the instruments used are state-of-the-art products for successful hair transplant. The state-of-the-art tools used in hair implant centers in Istanbul make this place more attractive for hair transplant.

    Istanbul being a highly preferred city for hair transplant has also increased the competition in the region. Excessive competition has also increased quality.

    Hair implant centers in Istanbul are preferred because of their favorable prices. Istanbul hair implant costs are quite favorable compared to other countries. Hair transplant centers never compromise on quality despite the favorable prices.

    The accommodation and transportation packages used in the operations are very attractive for the people who will transplant hair to make the process very comfortable and convenient. Hair transplantation centers in Istanbul provide a comfortable way for your hair transplant process with pickup and accommodation packages for the patients. In addition, we work with guides to interpret patients in their own language.

    Although hair transplant is a surgical operation, there is no need to stay in hospital after planting. For this reason, you can enjoy Istanbul after planting. Those who come to Istanbul for hair transplant have the opportunity to visit historical and cultural places during their stay here. This is also attractive for people who want to have a holiday and hair transplant.

    The realization of successful hair transplantation and hair removal and restoration remain quite pleased that cause people to be more preferable for hair transplant centers in Istanbul, Turkey. The increase in the number of patients coming to Istanbul for hair transplant is an indication of satisfaction.

    Hair Implant Center in Istanbul: Esthetic Hair Turkey

    Esthetic Hair Turkey is one of the most preferred hair transplant centers. In our center, which provides services with its expert staff and the latest technology tools, many successful hair transplant operations have been performed so far. Our center, which targets 100% customer satisfaction, stands out in the search for the best hair transplant center in Istanbul. If you want to have your hair transplant center, you can contact us.


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