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    Many people who experience hair loss want to get rid of this condition. Permanent hair loss is particularly common in men. The only way to get rid of this situation is to transplant hair. The ones who think about hair transplantation are most curious about whether this process works or not. You may have questions like nasıl How will I look after hair transplantation? ’And ne How successful will the operation be? By looking at the results of people who have had hair transplantation before, you can have an idea about how much hair transplantation works. Nevertheless, you should not forget that the results of hair transplant will not be the same in everyone. The characteristics of individuals such as size of hair opening and quality of hair are different from each other. Someone else's hair transplantation results can guide you, but that doesn't mean you will have the same hair transplant result.


    Hair Transplant Process

    After deciding the hair transplant, the transplant process is carried out by an expert team. It is normal to have mild pain on the first day of hair transplantation. For these pains, doctors usually give painkillers. The donor area from which healthy hair is removed is closed. In the first days you may experience some swelling in your head. This swelling ceases in a few days. You should be very careful when you sleep the first day of planting. You should pay attention to sleep without touching the hair area.

    The first washing after the operation is performed by the doctors. This washing should not be carried out at home. After the first wash, the hair class begins to collect itself. Day after day, the area where the sheet is planted starts to improve. Over time, the swelling of the head is reduced. After sowing, the crusts begin to shed slowly. However, the head should be careful in this process and be careful not to take any impact.

    15 days after the hair transplant, the hair is held in place. After this day, the hair becomes more durable. In this process, hair loss may occur. This shock called shedding usually worries people. There is no need to worry about this situation. Because this shock shedding is part of the hair transplant process. Shock shedding is the loss of planted hair. This is a temporary situation. The hair then grows again in a healthier way.

    Shock shedding is completed after about 1 month in hair transplant. After 3 months, the hair slowly begins to become apparent. Generally, more than half of the hair grows after 6 months. In some people, almost all of the hair grows. Extending hair strands become normal over time.

    8 months after the hair transplantation results, we see that the hair regeneration process is mostly completed. In some people it may take up to a year. From this date, hair transplant process is finished.


    How Hair Transplantation Results Are Successful?

    The success rate in hair transplant is quite high. However, this rate may vary from person to person. The procedures performed in a good hair transplant center are quite successful. Great success is achieved with Fue method in hair transplant. Nevertheless, some points should be considered for the success of hair transplantation. One of them is that the team performing the hair transplantation process is expert and experienced in the field. Another is that hair transplant is done with the best method for the person. The higher the quality of a person's own hair, the more successful sowing takes place. For the successful end of the process, the instructions given by the doctor must be followed.


    If you want to have a successful and comfortable hair transplant process, you can make an appointment with Esthetic Hair Turkey family immediately. When you contact us, you can review the photos before and after hair transplant results.


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