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  • Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

    Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is gaining a lot of popularity recently as it is the only permanent solution for facial hair loss. People who have lost their eyebrows due to various reasons like hereditary or non-hereditary diseases like cancer or alopecia can now get their eyebrows fixed.  Every year thousands of people from all around the world come to Turkey to for an eyebrow transplant. Hormonal disorders, genetics or some diseases are the main causes behind eyebrow loss. 

    At Esthetic Hair Turkey, our doctors have more than 10 years of experience of serving patients and meeting their demands of hair and facial hair transplantation. We perform eyebrow transplant in Turkey paying great attention to detail along with affordable pricing.

    The procedure of eyebrow transplant in Turkey

    Eyebrow transplant is an operation for people who have lost their eyebrows or have sparse eyebrows. In eyebrow transplant in Turkey, the surgeon removes the hair follicles from the patients’ body and transplants it on the sparse areas.  Prior to the transplant, your surgeon will examine your eyebrows. This is to rule out the reason of eyebrow loss and will then come up with the required number of hair follicles for the transplant. After that step, he will determine the donor site, which is usually back of the head. It is because the hair in this area are ideal for transplantation.

    The stages of eyebrow transplant are as followed

    • The doctor will begin by giving you local anesthesia to make the procedure pain free.
    • He will then collect the required amount of grafts from the donor area and store them for the transplant.
    • After that step, he will open the necessary channels to hold the hair roots and then transplant the collected hair roots to the sparse areas.
    • At the end, he will bandage the donor area.

    DHI eyebrow transplant in Turkey

    DHI eyebrow transplant is also known as the best eyebrow hair transplant as it is the most preferred type. DHI eyebrow transplant uses a CHOI pen to transplant the hair into sparse areas. A CHOI pen is a very advanced and contemporary tool making it the first choice of patients. DHI eyebrow transplant Turkey cost is affordable yet the quality of treatment is high.

    The reason why DHI is the most preferred technique for eyebrow transplant is because the recovery period is rapid and the procedure is very practical. Patients from all around the world prefer Turkey for eyebrow transplant due to affordable eyebrow transplant Turkey cost and high treatment quality.

    Eyebrow Transplant in Istanbul

    Istanbul is the most preferred city for eyebrow transplant in Turkey. Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey making it the heart of the country. It draws attention with its historical and cultural richness. People wanting to get eyebrow transplant in Turkey prefer Istanbul as their first choice. It is because Istanbul is the center for aesthetic medical treatments. Eyebrow transplant Turkey cost also attracts people to Istanbul. Our clinic offers all-inclusive packages. This includes accommodation, transfers, transplant, medications and shampoos etc. There are no hidden costs or tax. Eyebrow hair transplant Turkey cost makes Turkey and especially Istanbul even more attractive to the patients.

    After your eyebrow transplant in Turkey, you can also make the most of your time and explore Istanbul and its beauty. For an eyebrow transplant, you do not have to be present at the hospital all the time after the procedure. You are free to leave and you can visit any time after the procedure. 

    At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we provide all inclusive deals for you at a very reasonable price. There is a reason why majority of the people prefer flying to Turkey to get aesthetic treatments done. It is because Turkish doctors are very experienced and provide good results along with affordable prices. Each year, Esthetic Hair Turkey continues to grow as the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. We do it by serving thousands of patients under the most sanitary and hygienic environment. It aims to make sure each patient that steps in the clinic leaves feeling satisfied and content. Every treatment is performed by exceedingly experienced doctors and staff that have been trained abroad. Hence, you have nothing to worry about and can be rest assured that you are in good hands.


    Eyebrow transplant Turkey cost

    Majority of the people consider eyebrow transplant cost as the deciding factor for which surgeon they should choose. Eyebrow transplant Turkey cost is generally lower than the cost of eyebrow transplant around the world. Especially in countries like United Kingdom, United States and Europe. It is very important to ensure the choice you are making about the doctor is based on the doctor’s qualifications, experience, reviews about the doctor and testimonials. Make sure you are not choosing someone based solely on the price they have to offer.  There will be many captivating campaigns offering very low prices for the eyebrow transplant. However, be cautious and do not fall for them without making proper research. Choose only a well known and reliable doctor. These precautions are important because you can not risk the appearance of the face.

    Eyebrow transplant Turkey cost can also considerably vary depending on the quality of equipment, the experience of the surgeon and the reputation of the clinic. The overall eyebrow transplant Turkey cost depends on how many grafts are required and the condition of the eyebrows.


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