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  • Was ist eine Schnurrbarttransplantation?

    Mustache and beard have a quite complementary effect on the appearance of men. It has an effect that reflects one's style. Mustache transplant is the only solution for people who have no mustache or for people who have no mustache as a result of accidents such as burns. This process can be easily applied to anyone who has sparse mustache.

    Mustache Transplantation

    Beard and mustache transplant is a very similar operation to hair transplantation. However, this process will be done to the face more careful and meticulous hair transplantation should be done.Mustache transplant is performed under local anesthesia. Because it is performed under anesthesia, it is a painless and painless procedure. It takes quite short time compared to hair transplantation. It takes about 2 to 3 hours.It is decided first how much graft is to be transplanted. How the mustaches look after planting is designed. The donor site is identified and the procedure begins.
    • The required number of grafts are collected individually from the donor site.
    • The collected hair follicles are left to be ready for transplantation.
    • In the mustache area, channels are opened in the areas where the roots will be placed.
    • Grafts are placed in the opened canals.
    • At the end of the procedure, the donor area is bandaged.
    Redness, itching or tenderness may occur in the mustache and donor areas after the operation. These and similar effects usually pass within 1 week. Recovery after planting takes about 10 days. During this period, the hair roots are crusted and the first washing process starts to shed slowly. Crusting should not be touched. Shells should be allowed to spill on their own.Approximately 2 weeks after the procedure, a shock spill occurs. In this case appearing in almost every patient the hair follicles sown are shed. Instead of shedding hair follicles, new ones emerge over time. Approximately 6 months after the operation, the transplanted roots begin to attach.

    Is Mustache Transplanting Naturally Visible?

    Mustache is one of the most striking places in the face area. An unsuccessful operation in this area will cause the person's mustache to appear quite artificial. Bad looking mustaches change the person's appearance considerably. This can cause depression or stress in people. Therefore, it is the most important issue that the planting area looks natural as a result of the operation.For the sowing to be natural, it is important to adjust the angle well and to plan the grafts at regular intervals. It is important that the right and left sides of the mustaches appear equal to each other. Planting performed in a successful hair transplantation center will give very good and natural results.It is also a matter of curiosity whether there will be any leave in the mustache area after the mustache planting. Fue method does not leave any scar in the planting. Therefore, you can safely perform mustache cultivation with the Fue method.If you are curious about how you can look after the mustache plantation, you can look at the photos before and after mustache transplant.

    Who Can Perform Mustache Transplantation?

    Mustache cultivation is usually done after 20s to anyone who is in good health. Mustache can be applied to hairless areas can be easily applied to scarred areas.The frequency and structure of mustaches vary from person to person. A drug that allows hair to grow in areas that are naturally bald. There is no treatment method. Hair transplant is the only solution for balding region problems. This also applies to mustache and beard. People who do not have congenital mustache or who have little mustache cannot get bushy mustaches by means of medicine. Therefore, those who want to look more mustache transplant.Esthetic Hair Turkey successfully performs hair, beard, eyebrow and mustache planting. If you want to grow mustache in our center you can make an appointment with us. You can contact us for detailed information about mustache transplant cost.SCHNELLES ANGEBOT IN 3 SCHRITTEN1BUCHEN

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