One of the most commonly used treatment methods for dental health is canal treatment. Root canal treatment is used to treat dying or dying pulp due to advanced and untreated caries. In canal treatment, the inflamed tissue is removed, the root canal is cleaned and filled with fillers.

Teeth consist of soft and hard tissues. There is a cavity of checkers and nerves inside the hard enamel tissue outside the teeth. This gap is called the root canal. The root canal contains the connective tissue that is responsible for the tooth’s nutrition and development and defense. This connective tissue is called pulp. Pulp may be inflamed for various reasons. Tooth decay is not the only cause of tooth inflammation. Even without caries, dental inflammation may occur. As a result of a severe impact of the teeth, the circulation of the tooth may be interrupted and the tooth may not be fed. Teeth that cannot be fed lose their vitality over time. In addition, high fillings, clenching and grinding may also cause inflammation. In such cases, canal treatment is applied.


Root Canal Treatment Steps

The dentist decides whether or not root canal treatment is needed for your dental problem. The dentist clearly examines the condition of the pulp in the tooth in order to determine whether a root canal treatment is needed. In cases where the pulp cannot be corrected and dies, it is decided to apply canal treatment.

• In canal treatment, the areas to be treated first are numbed. If there are caries in the teeth, these caries are cleaned. To reach the tooth nerves, the crown of the tooth opens.

• The length of the canal is determined by radiography.

• The root canals of the tooth are cleaned. The channels that are cleaned by using various tools are shaped.

• Materials compatible with the tooth are filled into these channels.

After the procedure, tooth sensitivity and pain may be experienced. The side of the tooth should not be used for a few days to relieve the pain in a short time. Sensitization and pain relieves shortly after treatment. If oral care is performed regularly, a tooth with root canal treatment can be used for many years. Root canal treatment may take one or more sessions according to the condition of the tooth. The most important plus of this treatment is not to lose the dead tooth and the surrounding bone. If root canal treatment is needed but the treatment cannot be performed, the tooth may be lost completely and may have to be pulled out.


How long is the life of teeth treated with root canal treatment?

There are question marks about the life of the treated teeth. It can be thought that the life of the tooth that canal treatment will be made may be short. If the root canal treatment is performed successfully, the life of the tooth will not be shortened. However, tooth can be more sensitive to fracture because pulp is removed which provides tooth vitality in canal treatment. Additional treatments may be needed to prevent the tooth from fracturing easily. In this way, the life of the tooth treated canal does not shorten.


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