Hair is one of the most striking parts of the body. Healthy and bushy hair is especially important for women. Some diseases, stress or hormonal disorders can cause hair loss. Hair loss from nutritional deficiencies, stress or various ailments is often temporary. When the problem of hair loss disappears, hair loss ends. New and healthy hair starts to grow in time. When male pattern hair loss occurs in women, it is not possible to return the hair.

Women face the problem of hair loss in at least one period of their lives. Most of the spills can be reversed with appropriate treatments. In male pattern hair loss, there is no such thing as hair regrowth with medications and similar treatments. The only and definitive treatment method for male pattern hair loss is hair transplantation.


What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss occurs when androgen hormone testosterone and DHT weaken and cause hair loss. Androgen is secreted in both men and women. This hormone is more secreted in men than in women. If more androgen hormone is secreted than normal in women, male pattern hair loss may occur.

The problems of hair loss are quite affecting women. Male pattern hair loss is seen in women today. To describe the male pattern hair loss briefly, starting from the top of the head, the hair is shed towards the back. Male pattern hair loss usually starts in the front line of hair in men. In women, it starts at the top of the head.


Causes of Male Pattern Hair Loss in Women

The biggest cause of male pattern hair loss in women is the excessive secretion of androgen hormone. Hormonal disorders can occur for different reasons.

Another cause of male pattern hair loss is genetic.


How To Tell if There is Male Pattern Hair Loss in Women?

The cause of hair loss in women can be understood by hormone tests and treatment. The gradual decrease in hair, the replacement of the thinning hair and the loss of hair from the peak area are among the visible signs of male pattern hair loss.

When male pattern hair loss is diagnosed early, shedding with various drugs and products can be slowed down and baldness can be postponed. However, hair must be transplanted for a definite solution.



What is the Best Hair Loss Treatment for Women?

Male pattern hair loss usually starts from puberty in women. There is no definitive treatment for this spill. With some medicines or shampoos, the spill process can be slowed down. Moderate baldness occurs between 5 and 10 years on average. The only way to treat male pattern hair loss in women is to have hair transplantation.


Hair Transplantation in Women

Genetic, hormonal, accidents or burns occur in cases such as hair loss is the only way to restore the old hair is natural hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is preferred by many people today. The majority of hair transplantation operations are performed on men. But for women, hair transplantation can be done just like men.

Hair transplantation is the transfer of healthy hair taken from a certain part of the body to the baldness area. Hair transplantation operations are carried out by a team of experts in hospitals. The success rate of hair transplantation operations for male pattern hair loss is quite high in women.


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