What is Dental Implants? - Esthetic Hair Turkey

Lack of teeth makes feeding difficult and may cause problems for your image. There are different treatment methods to overcome the lack of teeth. These treatment options as well as information about the most preferred dental implants.

Dental implants is one of the most commonly used methods of having missing teeth. Because with this treatment, the results that are closest to the appearance of natural teeth are obtained and they are not prevented from speaking like other treatment methods.


Dental Implants

The word implant comes from the creation of inanimate matter that is joined to living tissues. The dental implants are the replacement of the screw-like titanium materials in the tooth and the missing teeth in the treatment of new teeth. Dental implants is the most natural treatment method for missing teeth today.


How To Make Dental Implants?

For the dental implant, first determine whether the Fuzzy bone structure of the missing tooth is suitable for the implant. Personalized controls are performed by means of tomography or x-rays.

The elements in the application open a space in the bone so that the screw-like titanium material can be placed in the region. Implant is added to this groove. When the screw fuses with the bone. 2-3 months is sufficient time for fusion. During this time, after removing the frozen missing tooth, a temporary denture is inserted. 2-3 months after the screw has been placed in the region, a doctor is consulted again. Check if the implant fuses with the bone. If the fusion has started, the gum lapping phase is started. At this stage, the gum is opened under local anesthesia and a lapping prosthesis is inserted. After a long week, the gum gets used to the prosthesis. Lastly, the permanent tooth is prepared and attached to the implant. Duration of the procedure The duration of a single tooth implant with a full-mouth dental implants.



Dental Implant Prices

Dental implants prices may be higher than other dental treatments. The reason for this is quite certain of the materials used in this treatment. But there are factors if you can show the price of the implant. Among these factors, the physician performing the treatment and the country where the treatment will be performed are among the first. Turkey dental implant prices are quite affordable.


Are The Dental Implants Painful?

It is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, no high pain is felt. After the effect of embroidered anesthesia, the person may experience mild pain. It is prescribed click pain relief from the doctor for pains.

It is quite clear that the procedure should be performed by an expert dentist. Processor can occur in your teeth and mouth to minimize the damage to the process that the doctor uses a lot.


Advantages of Dental Implants Treatment

• Tooth appearance and natural results.

• Extremely long life.

• Does not damage other teeth in the process.

• Not felt through nutrition and speech.

• The plan of other prostheses does not slip or protrude.


Performing implant treatment in a good center by specialist physicians will minimize the risk during the procedure and increase the success rate. You can contact us if you want to have dental implants treatment in Esthetic Hair Turkey which has been serving for years with its expert staff.