Beards are one of the places that attract attention. For those who do not like the appearance of beard, beard transplant is ideal. Beard transplant is an operation that must be performed very carefully since it is done to the face. After beard transplant process, you can reach the curiosity about the post-beard transplant process by reading this article.


What is Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is the ideal method for people who have space in their beards or who have sparse beards to have bushy beards. In beard planting, hair or hair follicles taken from one’s own body are transferred to beardless areas. The most commonly used technique for beard cultivation is the Fue technique. In hair transplant with Fue technique, hair or hair follicles in the donor area are collected one by one with special tools. Channels are opened to allow these hair follicles to be added to the beardless area. The hair roots taken from the donor area are placed one by one in the opened channels.


First Week After Beard Transplant

The first week after beard transplant is the most important time. In this process, the hair follicles can easily break off and fall out because they are not accustomed to their new location yet and cannot fully hold onto it. For this reason, care should be taken not to blow the transplanted hair follicles.

Redness, itching and crusting are seen postoperatively. In these cases, the transplanted areas should not be touched and beards should not be scratched.

The greatest part of the recovery after the beard transplant operation takes place within the first week.

Post-operative swelling, bruising and mild pain may occur.

After the transplant, small bleeding may occur. When the blood is removed, the transplanted hair follicles may rupture due to friction. Therefore, the transplanted area should not be touched.

After the operation, the friction presses on the beard while wearing and removing the clothes. For this reason, instead of bar-necked sweaters, clothes that are easy to dress like shirts should be preferred.

It is recommended to sleep on your back while sleeping at night. Because rubbing the beard on the pillow will damage the hair follicles.



Shock Shedding After Beard Transplant

Approximately 2 weeks after beard transplant, the so-called shock shedding phase is started. At this stage, the transplanted beards are seen. This creates the illusion that the operation does not work in people. But this process, called shock shedding, is a normal condition that occurs in everyone. After the shock shedding, the new beards are replaced with more healthy ones.


First 3 Months After Beard Transplant

It is recommended not to shave for three months after beard transplant. If the beard is very uncomfortable during this process and it is desired to be cut, a doctor should be consulted.


Washing After Beard Transplant

The first wash after beard transplant is done 3 days after the operation. Some of the crusts formed after transplant are poured at the end of the first wash. This washing is very important. The transplanted hair follicles can easily be damaged and ruptured because they cannot hold firmly in place and become accustomed to their new location. Therefore, first washing should be carried out by qualified personnel. The first wash is usually done in the hair transplant center. The patient does the washings after this wash. After the first wash the patient is informed about how to do the other washings and what should be paid attention.

Things to be considered while washing hair after beard transplant;

• Care must be taken when washing hair until the hair follicles are used to new locations.

• Do not apply too much pressure while washing the face.

• Wash water must not be too hot or too cold.

• Water should not be too pressurized.

• The products used during washing should be the ones recommended by the doctor. If another product is to be used, a doctor should be consulted beforehand.

• Towels used during drying should not be too set. Hard blows to the scalp should not be made while drying the hair.



Healing After Beard Transplant

Healing after beard transplant is very important for the development of beards. Shaving of the beard during the elongation process is hardly leveled. Generally, 6 months after the operation, the hair can be shaved with the beard.

Healing must be taken in the content of the products to be used during maintenance. Excessive chemical care products do more harm to the beard. You should therefore decide with your doctor which care products to use. After the procedure, you can make the beards heal faster if the care products given by the doctor are applied regularly.

It is also important to pay attention to postoperative nutrition. A healthy diet helps the beards to grow healthier and heal faster.

It is also important to stop smoking and alcohol use. Especially smoking slows down the rate of blood flow. It causes the beard to not feed enough and the healing rate slows down.


Shaving After Beard Transplant

There are different opinions about the issue of shaving beard planting. Your doctor will give you the right answer when you need to shave. People who want to shave should wait about two weeks. During this time, crusts will fall out and scars will disappear. The hair roots will also cling to their new places more firmly. The length of the transplanted hair grows after 6 months. In some people, this may take longer. Wait a little longer before shaving the beard.


Beard Transplant Results

It takes about 10 months for the beard planting to take its final form. But because everyone’s recovery rate and metabolism are different from each other, healing times are also different from each other.


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