Hair loss leads to dilution in areas where shedding is experienced. This causes a bad appearance. Such undesirable conditions can be prevented by various interventions before hair loss increases and sparse image increase. What are The Hair Tightening Methods?


Do Hair Compression Methods Work?

If the correct hair tightening method is applied according to the cause of hair loss, there is no case that the treatment will not work.

  • These methods can slow down or even stop hair loss when applied early.
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair roots
  • They extend the life of hair.


Causes of Hair Loss

Hair tightening methods are determined according to the cause of hair loss. Since everyone’s hair structure, cause of hair loss and speed are different from each other, the method to be used in hair densification varies from person to person. The reason for hair loss is determined by an expert hair analysis.

Hair Loss Due to Inadequate Nutrition: If the cause of hair loss is improper nutrition, here is the right diet and the necessary supplements for hair bruising.

Male Pattern Hair Loss: Male pattern hair loss is hereditary. In this type of shedding hair does not replace new ones. For this reason, hair loss cannot be prevented by drugs and similar methods. However, with the right drugs and products, the rate of hair loss can be slowed down. In male pattern hair loss, hair will eventually fall out. The only way to get rid of this hair loss is to transplant.

Stress-induced hair loss: Stress, depression and demoralization lead to various damage to people’s bodies. One of them is hair loss. If stress is the cause of hair loss, morale will be the best method of hair tightening.


Hair Compression Methods

There are many different causes of hair loss. According to these reasons, hair densification methods differ. Hair densification methods can be used separately or multiple treatments can be used together.

Hair Care: It is a hair tightening method that works especially for those who have mild hair loss or who have worn their hair as a result of dye and excessive heat. When the hair is cared for, the hair grows thicker and healthier.

Mesotherapy: This method is used for hair that has lost its vitality. There are various vitamins, minerals and medications in hair mesotherapy. This composition, useful for hair, is injected into the hair follicles. In this way, hair becomes healthier and bushy.

Supplements: It is a treatment method especially used for hair loss caused by malnutrition. Vitamins needed by the person are determined by blood test.

Hair is mainly fed from the body. For this reason, maintenance must be done from the outside as well as from the inside. The hair becomes healthier with supplements that provide nutrition and strengthen the hair.

** If you want to use a drug supplement you should consult a doctor. You should remember that the drugs used will work after long and regular use.

Hair Transplant: When hair is irreversibly shed, the only way to regain hair’s old density and luster is to perform hair transplantation. Hair transplantation operations are performed very easily and successfully with developing technologies.


With Esthetic Hair Turkey, hair transplantation is performed with a 100% success rate. If you want to have hair transplantation or you want to have information about hair transplant prices you can contact us.


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