Zirconium crowns have become very popular in recent years. So, what is the reason zirconium is so preferred and what are its advantages? In this article you will find an answer to these questions.


What are Zirconium Crowns?

Zirconium is a white and durable material used in dental treatments. Zirconium crowns are preferred for crooked, broken or non-aesthetic teeth. Zirconium tiles put an end to the unwanted appearance. Teeth have a white and aesthetic appearance. To avoid any pain during the procedure, anesthesia is performed first. The teeth to be coated are reduced. Measure is taken. Temporary teeth are glued so that the patient can handle the covering teeth until they are prepared. Care is taken that the coating teeth colors are the same as the uncut teeth colors. After the zirconium-coated teeth come, these teeth are glued.


Advantages of Zirconium Crowns

 Zirconium dental crowns are very close to natural teeth thanks to their light transmittance. Therefore, the coated teeth appear quite natural.

 Zirconium crowns are very compatible with gums. While metal-supported porcelain veneers cannot adequately adapt to the gums, zirconium does not.

• Zirconium coating is recommended for upper teeth. Because these teeth are the most visible when talking and smiling. Therefore, the appearance of these teeth should not be artificial.

• Some people may have an allergy to metal. They cannot be coated with metal backing. But zirconium coating can be done.

• Zirconium crowns cut less tooth tissue than metal-supported coatings.

• Hot and cold sensitivity is less.

• If a single tooth coating is to be performed, zirconium is recommended because it cannot be distinguished from the patient’s natural teeth.

• As the surface is extremely smooth, there are no color changes caused by factors such as cigarettes, tea and coffee.

• Zirconium crowns are highly durable. With proper oral care, it stays intact for many years.

 Metal-backed porcelain crowns have a dark-colored appearance in some lights as if they were not present in the mouth. Such an image does not occur in zirconium.

• Zirconium crowns alone do not cause halitosis and taste changes in the mouth. However, if the oral care is not performed correctly, you may experience bad breath. This has nothing to do with zirconium.

• Does not pressure the gums. Unlike metal-supported porcelain veneers, bruising does not occur.

• Zirconium adapts to gums and can be applied to those who are prone to dental and gum disorders.

• Does not require any extra maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with normal tooth brushing technique.


Disadvantages of Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium crowns are more expensive than metal supported porcelains.

If there are long tooth cavities, it is recommended to use metal supported porcelain coating instead of zirconium tooth coatings.


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