With this article you can learn what things to do after hair transplant. After the hair transplanta process, it should be very careful and meticulous. Care should be taken before and after the operation. Successful results in hair transplant process is not only related to successful operation. For the most successful results, the operation is as important as the operation.

The most important thing to be considered after hair transplantation is to follow the instructions given by the doctor. After a successful operation, if the doctor’s words are strictly followed, the result will be as desired. The care and attention of the patient after hair transplantation is very important for the successful completion of the procedure. It takes about a year for the transplanted hair to take its final form. There are some things that need to be done and taken into consideration in this long process.


What Are The Things To Do After Hair Transplant?

The first week after the operation is the most careful process. The transplanted hair follicles are not yet fully used and can fall out or be damaged. For this reason, it is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions in this process in order to hold onto the transplanted parts of the hair.

Only medicines and care products prescribed by the doctor should be used after the procedure. If another product is to be used, it should not be used without consulting a doctor.

The first three days after the operation should be heard. Heavy duty should be avoided.

Care should be taken not to go too far to the sun. A soft-textured hat should be worn when going out.

When changing clothes, care must be taken not to contact the transplanted areas and the donor area.

Products such as cigarettes, alcohol and coffee should not be consumed. Drink plenty of water.

The transplanted area and donor area should be protected while sleeping. A travel pillow can be placed under the neck.

The head should be kept as vertical as possible for the swelling to pass after the procedure.



The first washing after the operation is done by an expert at the hair transplant center. In the subsequent washing, make sure that the water is not too hot or cold. In addition, the water should not be too pressurized. Drying should be done as gently as possible and a soft towel should be used.

Crusts after the operation should not be touched or scratched.

Avoid environments that can cause very hot sweating.

Healthy nutrition after the operation is very useful for hair follicles. For this reason, rich foods that are good for hair health should be consumed.

Approximately 2 weeks after hair transplant, the shock shedding phase begins. At this stage, the transplanted hair follicles are shed. In this case there is no need to worry. This stage is normal in everyone. Stress should not be entered in this phase. Stress can cause hair loss.

After the shock shedding ends, the hair follicles begin to grow again.


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