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You can read this article for answers to your questions about dental implants.


What Is Dental Implant?

Dental implant is a treatment method used to fill the cavities in the teeth in tooth deficiencies. Dental implants are placed into the jaw. Artificial teeth are placed on the screw-shaped implant placed in the jaw. Thus, natural looking teeth are obtained instead of missing teeth. These artificial teeth have the same function as real teeth. Dental implant is a more durable and permanent treatment method compared to dentures.


How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Last?

The dental implant consists of two stages. The first step is to place the implant in the jaw. After the implant is placed, a few months are expected to accommodate the jaw bone. The second step is to make a prosthetic tooth on the implant.


What are the Advantages of Dental Implant?

• Dental implants have a more natural appearance than other alternative treatment options.

• They are more robust because they are placed on the jawbone.

• They have real dental functions. After the dental implant, the patient may forget that there is an implant in his mouth.

• Dental prostheses can make speech difficult and relax. This is not the case with dental implants.

• Eating with dental implants is much easier. Since the implants are fixed to the jaw, they work just like the patient’s own teeth.

• In the dental implant, the surrounding healthy teeth are not affected.

• It is easier to brush the tooth implant and between the teeth.

• More durable than other treatment options. Regular oral care can be used for life.


To Whom Can a Dental Implant Be Made?

Dental implants can be applied to anyone who is in good health, has sufficient bone volume and has completed bone development. The patient needs to have sufficient and intact jawbone to make the dental implant.

Dental implants can be performed in the absence of one or more teeth. Dental implants can be performed even when all teeth are lost. One implant can be placed in a single tooth deficiency and two or more implants can be placed in multiple tooth deficiencies. Dental implants can also be applied to the whole mouth in cases where the teeth are completely missing.


Is the Dental Implant Harmful?

There is no harm if the dental implant is successfully performed. All materials used in dental implants are safe. However, people with diabetes or high blood pressure should consult their physician before implantation. The risks that may occur during implantation are quite low. Nevertheless, the dental implant has some risks. The risks of dental implant include infection, nerve damage, numbness and pain at the implant site.


Can I Feel Pain After Dental Implant?

Since the procedure is performed under anesthesia, no pain is felt during the procedure. However, mild pain may occur after the procedure.


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