Hair transplant is a successful treatment method for hair loss. There may be some question marks about hair transplant among those who plan to have hair transplantation which provides healthy and natural hair. People do research from different sources to find an answer to these questions. Internet is one of these sources. There is a lot of information about hair transplant on the Internet. Among these information, some misleading results can be reached. As a result of misinformation, people may get wrong information about hair loss and transplant.

The correct known mistakes about hair transplant

The most common misconception about hair transplant is that hair transplantation is considered a temporary treatment. This is a totally wrong idea. In hair transplant, the hair planted in the region is taken from the coded region so as not to experience any hair loss. Therefore, after the planting hair loss problem is not experienced again. Then you may ask, sok What is the shock loss seen after hair transplant?.. Shock shedding is the loss of hair that is planted after a few weeks of hair transplant. This is a usual process and new hair will regenerate instead of shedding.

Another known mistake about hair transplant is that it can only be done to men. However, hair transplant is an operation regardless of gender. Since most of the October operations are done by men, there may be the idea that transplant can be done in men. Hair transplant in women can be done just like men. Women often prefer hair transplant to increase hair density in areas with sparse hair.

Another misconception is that hair transplant will give an artificial appearance. The biggest fear of those who want to have hair transplant is that the process does not look natural. However, hair transplant seems to be quite natural if it is done with the latest technology in expert hands. Especially in Fue hair transplant, quite natural and successful results are obtained. The most important point in getting the right and natural results in hair transplantation is the correct planning of the planting. A hair front line appropriate to the contours of the person’s face should be determined. In addition, the correct angle of hair is important. Unplanted hair at the right angle can cause the appearance of man in the grass in people.

Another misconception is that hair transplant operations are very painful. With the latest technologies, hair transplant is carried out painlessly. Not only in operations, but in recovery, patients often do not feel any pain and can continue their daily life without a break. The reason for this is that hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia.

Accurate mistakes about hair transplant include the idea that all hair needs to be shaved in order to achieve hair transplant. This is not in fact false information. It’s just missing information. People who want to have hair transplant but do not want to have their hair cut are postponed. Especially women do not want to have their hair cut at all. Shaved appearance and hair regrowth times are undesirable by women. However, hair transplant is also possible without shaving.

The people who will have the operation give up the idea of ​​planting because they think that the price of hair transplantation can be expensive. Hair transplant prices may vary depending on the country and planting center. But hair transplant in Turkey costs are quite affordable. For this reason, thousands of people every year to make a plantation from all over the world prefer to Turkey.

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

Turkey is among the countries in medical tourism resounding millions of people each year for a variety of possible standard and prefer to Turkey. Hair transplant is one of the most preferred areas in Turkey. One of the biggest causes of Turkey’s becoming a center of attraction in medical tourism are reasonable price. plantation in Turkey prices are quite affordable. But only affordable prices cannot make a country so popular. Turkey’s so much choice are not a reason for specialist doctors and other operations successfully passed. very successful and that the advice of the people who migrated here plantation operations in Turkey increased preference to the country.

Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey in hair transplant is the city’s most preferred. Istanbul is Turkey’s most important cities. It is also the most populous city in the country. The city is also geographically advantageous. Located in the northwest of the country, Istanbul is very close to many countries. Half of the province is in Europe and the other half is in Asia. In the middle of the city, the Bosphorus gives Istanbul a distinct beauty. You can visit Istanbul historical and tourist attractions during your stay here for hair transplant.

You’re going to be in Turkey prefer Esthetic Hair Turkey  transplant with our accommodation and transportation services in sheet can spend a relaxed plantation process. Since you do not need to stay in hospital in transplant, you can visit Istanbul to the fullest.