Towards the end of 2019, cases of pneumonia began to emerge in Wuhan, China, the cause of which was not explained at first. As a result of the researches, it has been revealed that these cases are a new type of coronovirus which has not been defined before. The virus was called Coronavirus 2019, COVID-19. Coronovirus is actually a common virus in animals. Recently, the source of the virus is thought to be the Huanan animal market in Wuhan city. It is thought that the virus was first transmitted from animal to human and then spread by transmitting human to human. Different types of coronaviruses cause different ailments. Some coronaviruses cause digestive system disorders, while some coronaviruses cause respiratory system complaints. The coronaviruses that cause respiratory system complaints differ among themselves. Some people have mild symptoms like a cold. In some people, pneumonia results may occur.    

The Effects of New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on Health Tourism

The new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) seen in Wuhan, China has spread to more than 90 countries, including countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Iran, Italy and Greece. Corono virus was able to influence almost the whole world. The coronovirus, which emerged in China and spread rapidly to other countries, affected many countries socially and economically. While the whole world was looking for ways to protect from this virus, the virus posed a great threat not only to human life but also to the economy. The virus particularly affected the tourism industry. As a result of the rapid spread of the disease, thousands of people began to make travel cancellations. Throughout the world, the threat of coronovirus caused a decrease in the number of tourists. Only there was a large reduction in the number of tourists in Turkey is not the whole world. The coronovirus began to show its effect on health activities. Noting the plantation and aesthetic surgery in Turkey between subjects of interest will be affected by the virus. Health tourism in the leading position in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplantation Turkey is one of the most preferred countries. Coronavirus plantation and reduce the number of foreign patients in aesthetic clinics in Turkey. The number of patients coming from abroad of the clinics operating in the sector has decreased. He began to take the necessary measures without delay to Turkey affected by the outbreak.