How Long is Recovery from Rhinoplasty? - Esthetic Hair Turkey

Those who want to have nose surgery are afraid of going through painful recovery process and painful in this area. We have prepared this article for you to be informed about the recovery from rhinoplasty.


Recovery From Rhinoplasty

The healing process after rhinoplasty varies according to the technique used and the interventions. For some people, little intervention is enough, in some cases. In addition, everyone’s recovery rate is different. The post-treatment of the rhinoplasty is adjusted to the extent desired. The recovery after rhinoplasty is average for 7-10 days. Diversity of patients can return to work or school one week after rhinoplasty surgery.

The first week after surgery is the fastest recovery. Breathing difficulties may occur during this time. In the second week after surgery, bruises and swelling are greatly reduced. A month later, it is a large-scale development. After 2-3 months swelling continues to decrease. In this process, spores that may contact the nose should be avoided. After the rhinoplasty surgery, it takes about a year for the nose to become the oldest son.


They Need To Be Done To Accelerate Recovery From Rhinoplasty

• Behavior of the nose quite first in the first 3 days first. When lying, the head should be supported with a pillow and lie in an upright position.

• The nose should not be cleaned by blowing the nose for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Manufacture of cold compressors for operating room assemblies and bruising.

• The first days after rhinoplasty may cause the nose to move, movements should be avoided and long-strong chewing food ready to avoid. It may cause the nose to move.

• Heavy sports and challenging exercises are avoided for at least 2 weeks.

• Make sure that the nose is not hit.

• No contact with the nose. It should not be preferred from those that are capable of contacting the nose when wearing and removing. Shirts like front-button or wide collar of your choice.

• Sauna, sea and pool places should not be entered for at least 1 month.

• Without glasses. Doctor in glasses during prescribed time

• No smoking, regular feeding and good rest will accelerate the healing adjustment.


Complaints After From Rhinoplasty

After the rhinoplasty surgery, swelling and bruises are seen on the face according to the technique used in the operation. Extremely natural. In closed rhinoplasty, the risk of payments and bruising is much less than in other techniques.

The head of the operating room may experience headaches. Doctor’s painkillers for it

After rhinoplasty, the event may cause difficulties in pressure and breathing in the ears.


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