How Long Does It Take To Recover From Liposuction? - Esthetic Hair Turkey

Because liposuction is referred to as an operation, it raises fear in some patients. Some people who think that postoperative recovery will be difficult may postpone the idea of ​​having liposuction. However, since liposuction is only a process to the adipose tissue and there is no process performed in the internal organs, the damage during the process is quite low. Therefore, the recovery process is more comfortable and easier than expected after the procedure.


What Is Liposuction? How Is It Perform?

Liposuction is done to get rid of regional fat deposits in the body. Stubborn fats that do not go in spite of sports and diet can be easily recovered with liposuction. It is not easy to lose regional weight with methods such as diet and sports. Liposuction prevents lubrication in the desired area.

Before liposuction, the doctor marks the areas where the patient is experiencing excess fat. The procedure is performed under anesthesia. Since there is no need for sewing, there is no trace after the procedure. The duration of the process varies from person to person. As the amount of oil to be taken and the number of regions increase, the duration of the process increases.


Recovery After Liposuction

The recovery after liposuction is dependent on the volume of the process. As the number of operations increases, the healing time changes. The duration of a small-scale operation to a single site and the recovery time of a large-scale operation to multiple sites is different from each other.

Since everyone’s healing rate is different, the healing time will vary from person to person. However, the recovery time is 2 months on average. Mild pains may be felt in the first days after surgery. Painkillers prescribed by a doctor can be used for these pains. Resting after the procedure is recommended. Patients should not take long walks and participate in too much compelling activities. Heavy spores should be avoided after surgery. Edema and swelling are common after liposuction. Therefore, there is no need to worry about these situations. The swelling in the region passes within 1 month on average. After liposuction, a healthy diet provides the best results from the operation and accelerates the healing process. Abundant fluid consumption helps to eliminate edema quickly.


Process After Liposuction

There are a number of rules that the patient must follow after liposuction. After the operation, the patient is given a corset. This corset should be worn during the time determined by the doctor. The corset helps to eliminate edema faster and reduce pain. Temporary probes are applied to small incisions on the skin. The aim is to remove any liquid leaks under the skin from the body. Approximately 2 weeks after liposuction, thinning in the body becomes noticeable. After two months, the body shape reaches the desired level.


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