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Historic structures with Turkey joining Europe and Asia draws attention. With the traditional tourism approach, the number of people visiting the country, as well as the number of people coming to the country in terms of health tourism, has been increasing recently. Quite an extremely fast-growing health tourism in Turkey is especially great achievements throw in the plantation area. Built plantation operations in Turkey have increased considerably over the last decade and the world through their opponents in the plantation area has proven to be the world’s most ambitious countries. Hair transplant in recent years has gained momentum with Turkey and the quest for the cultivation of the number of arrivals on the sheet began to increase exponentially.

Turkey experience, comes to the fore among other countries with quality service and reasonable prices. Burying a reason why so much interest in hair transplant in Turkey where the service is that according to international clinical practice guidelines. They are also quite professional hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. Since they treat patients from all over the world, they have received the necessary training for different hair types. Customer satisfaction is quite important that the cultivation centers in Turkey sheets, friendly service concept, take the airport attracts a lot of attention with services such as accommodation and transportation. These services are very attractive for those considering hair transplant.


Hair Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul

Every year thousands of people around the world to Turkey on the sheet comes cultivation. The most people who prefer Turkey in October Sheet that is built in Istanbul province. Istanbul sheets cultivation operations on the Turkey’s most populous city of the province is an ideal.


What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is to restore hair to people who have experienced hair loss for various reasons as natural and bushy as before. In hair transplantation, the patient’s own hair is added to the area where the hair is shed. These sheets to be added are taken from the region where the patient does not experience sheet shedding problems. With hair transplant, the patient has a natural appearance as if his hair has never been shed.


What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Among the causes of hair loss, genetic hair loss is the most remarkable one. In addition, hair loss may occur due to trauma or as a result of various diseases. Regardless of the reason, anyone who has an appropriate amount of hair follicles can be transplanted.

Although hair transplantation is the head of everyone’s mind, this planting can be done not only for the head but also for the beard, mustache and eyebrows.


Advantages Of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Turkey seeking the most preferred firms of Esthetic Hair Turkey with hair loss and baldness problems the last round. Our center is one of the most preferred are among the plantation company in Turkey. You can regain your hair with Esthetic Hair Turkey which serves with its expert staff and the latest technology tools. One of the most important issues of our company is one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Not experience any problems regarding hair transplantation in Turkey will prefer our center on the transfer sheet. In addition, our hotel is very close to our hospital. Our hospital where we use the latest technology equipment is international JCI certified and our hair transplant is 100% painless.

You can also take a short trip while your treatment for hair transplant is in progress. With a 3-day stay you can enjoy your hair in the most natural way while enjoying a pleasant time in Istanbul.


One of the reasons that hair transplantation in Turkey’s most preferred country is quite advanced in this area. Another reason is that hair transplant prices are very reasonable. If you are planning to have hair transplantation operation in our center, you can get free consultation by filling out the form on our website and you can have more detailed information about our price list.