The coronavirus caused great damage, which effected the whole world. Many things have changed in the world after the pandemic. Nobody expected such a big pandemic. The world was not particularly prepared to see economic collapse. The most sector that had been effected by this pandemic is the tourism sector. Medical travel during COVID-19 may be is a concern to you. In this article, we’ll answer your questions about medical travel during COVID-19. The measures taken to minimize the risk of the spread in Turkey can put an end to your worries.


What can You do Now if Your Hair Loss Speeded Up During This Time?

You can contact  our expert patient coordinators online. Esthetic Hair Turkey offers you a detailed consultation service. With a free consultation, we create a customized treatment plan and offer a price quote. After you decide to go ahead with the treatment, all what you have to do is to buy your flight tickets.


What can I expect When Arriving to Turkey During Pandemic?

Many countries ended the travel restrictions to Turkey. The government has developed a “Safe Tourism” certification program to comply with the hygiene standards of transport facilities, airports, hotels, resorts and restaurants. This certificate is required for reopening the facilities. You can find more detailed information about this certificate on the website of the Ministry of Tourism.



Hair Transplant in Turkey During Pandemic: Are Airports Safe in Turkey?

Turkey Ministry of Tourism and Culture gives the tourists a safely arrive to the country. All arrivals are going to be checked in the airports by thermal scanners. Also, the hotel rooms that tourists will check in will not be used for 1 day before their check in time. Every item in the room will be sterilized. In this way, the risk of getting the infection by touching any surface in the room will be minimized.

This trip will not be the same as your previous travels. You may feel difficulties while traveling. You should remember that all of those measurements are for your health and for other people’s health. There are conditions that must be met in order for your journey to continue safely. Thermal cameras in airports check your body temperature. It is mandatory to wear a mask during the flight and at the airport. All passengers must fill out the information form when arriving to Turkey.

Passengers will be ensured to comply with social distance rules at the airports. All of the rules had been set up for your health. So don’t forget to be careful to follow these rules.


Hair Transplant in Turkey During Pandemic: Are Hotels Safe in Turkey?

Our hotel took all precautions to ensure a safe and comfortable travel for our guests. Our staff at our hotel have received the necessary training to deal with all requirements during this pandemic. The rooms are cleaned with special cleaners and well ventilated after each guest. Rooms are left empty for at least one day after our guests check out. The distance of the tables in the hotel restaurant is set at least 1.5 meters.


What should I do when I come to Turkey?

Hair Transplant in Turkey During Pandemic: We have taken all necessary precautions for you to travel safely and comfortably. When you come to Turkey for hair transplantation you will be collected from the airport and taken to the hotel. We will provide you with a private transfer service for all your transportation between the hotel and the hospital. If you want to visit the city during your stay here, we recommend that you stay away from crowded places. In addition, you should not do any strenuous activity after the hair transplant operation.



Hair Transplant in Esthetic Hair Turkey

Especially the last few months have been tough for everyone. Many people are quite worn out both mentally and physically. The stress you experienced during this period may cause your hair to fall more. You can take action on hair loss now. Remember that if any problems arise after your treatment, we will always be with you and support you. Your recovery period after hair transplant treatment covers a period of approximately 1 year. Until then you will be able to see the full result of the operation.

Your medical travel during COVID-19 will be safe with Esthetic Hair Turkey. Turkey is among the lowest-risk countries. So you don’t have to worry too much.


Can I Have a Hair Transplant if I tested positive for Covid-19?

Our priority has always and will be  your health. If you are currently infected and are receiving Covid-19 treatment, please stay at home until your treatment is finished for both your own health and the health of others. After the appropriate treatment in case the test is negative then you can come to Turkey to make the hair transplant operation.


During our online meeting with you, we will give you detailed information about COVID-19 related measures. We are waiting for you for an online consultation. Filling out the contact form or by calling us will be a start your journey to Turkey.