Guide To the Products and Services Offered At Esthetic Hair Turkey - Esthetic Hair Turkey

A Comprehensive Guide To the Products and Services Offered At Esthetic Hair Turkey

We believe in finding out the facts before we help our clients. You will find an illustrative guide to our services, including everything you need to know before you book an appointment with one of our Esthetic Hair Turkey staff.


Dental Treatment Turkey

Some of you may be coming in for some dental implants. We have a few guidelines that need to be addressed first.

1) Do you smoke regularly? Do you smoke a lot? Smokers stand a higher risk of having their implants fail, especially those who smoke heavily. Daily smoking will interfere with the healing process in the mouth. We recommend that you either reduce smoking or quit. We prefer that our clients quit, but some people are not that lucky.

2) We do take your general health into consideration before offering one of the better dental treatment Turkey has to offer. Things like HIV status and immune issues will come up. You need to be prepared for this line of questioning before we proceed any further.

3) Dental implants are a process in Istanbul, Turkey. Some patients take several months before their treatment is complete. You will also need mandatory checkups afterward. Sometimes we have to wait for the bone to heal before we can proceed, especially after grafting. In other words, you need to be patient and trust in our treatment plans.


Hair Transplant Turkey

Are you losing your hair? Do you want to make an appointment for some help? There are a few things you need to know.

1) We can only work with what you have. Some people assume that we can perform miracles, no matter what type of hair you have. We will take from the areas that have the most hair to get the job done. Do you have a thin scalp? We will take from the sides or back to accommodate the issue.

2) Any hair transplant Turkey has to offer is going to be permanent. That means you need to decide what kind of treatment you want before you make your choice. It cannot be changed once we are finished.

3) We will sit down, and we will talk about the price before we begin. Our prices vary, depending on the work you want to be done. The more extensive the work is, the higher the bill may be for you.


Plastic Surgery Turkey

Plastic surgery is a big deal. You need to be honest with yourself and us before we begin our plastic surgery Turkey procedure. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you start.

1) Do you have a clean bill of health, or something close to it? We can help you decide that by making a free consultation. We will go over everything, including your medical history. We will not perform any type of plastic surgery on our clients unless they are healthy enough.

2) We want you to ask questions. We want you to find out about the different options before you agree to anything. The more knowledge you have prior, the better-informed your decision will be. We are not saying you have to know everything, but a good foundation of knowledge is helpful. There is a difference between knowing the name of something and what it means. We will also talk about whether or not this is the right thing for you to do.

3) What are the risks? This is a question that should be asked more than it is. Nothing is a 100% guarantee. You need to know that going in. We have had patients blame us for something that was never a 100% guarantee anyway.

4) What do you expect with the surgery? You cannot do the surgery simply because you want to make an impression on others, though we do get a lot of patients who try. We get that one a lot. We encourage our clients to do the surgery for them, not for others.


Some people want a boost in their self-confidence. We will go over every option before you make the final choice. Is there a better way?

That is something we explore with our clients before we bring out the knife.

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