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  It is quite normal for people who want to have beard transplant with some question marks in mind. We have prepared this article for you to resolve these question marks.

Beard is a factor that directly affects the facial expressions of men. Having sparse beards or not having any beards in certain areas disrupt one’s morale. Beard transplant goes into play at this point. With beard transplant, the person can attain healthy, lush and natural beards. Beard transplant can be done to anyone who has a loss of beard or infrequency, whether congenital or later.


Beard Transplant Stages

  • Before sowing, the person is examined and the beard planting design is done.
  • During the procedure, the necessary hair follicles are first collected from the donor area.
  • Canals are opened in the areas where the beard will be planted.
  • The hair follicles collected from the donor area are transferred to the opened canals one by one.


Is it Understandable that Beard Transplant?

Beard planting is done with the right tools and a professional team gives quite natural results. The right angles and the right frequency of the beard transplantation process is done by people who do not know that your beard planting does not understand.


To Whom can Do Beard Transplant?

  • Persons who do not have a beard or rarely come out of the birth,
  • Persons who suffer loss of their beards as a result of illness or accident,
  • People who want their beard to grow louder and
  • Beard planting can be done to anyone who is in good health.


How Long Does Beard Transplant Last?

In beard transplant, it may take about 10 months to reach the final result. However, this period may be shortened according to the speed of recovery and the observance of the doctor’s instructions.



How Long Can Be Returned to Daily Life After Beard Transplant?

There is no need to stay in the hospital after beard transplant. After the operation, the person can return to his / her daily routine.


What should be considered after beard transplant?

  • Operation should be careful after the beard.
  • You should be very careful in the first week after the procedure. The hair follicles, which have not yet become fully used, can be damaged if they are not treated carefully.
  • You should take care not to be too harsh when washing your face.
  • You should be careful not to sleep face down.


Is there any trace of beard transplant?

Especially in beard planting made with FUE technique, there is no trace. If the operation passes successfully, there is no chance of staying.


Does beard transplant hurt?

Beard transplant is a surgical operation so local anesthesia is applied before the procedure. Therefore, nothing is felt during the operation.


Beard Loss after Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is an issue that everyone is wondering if the operation is permanent. The hair follicles used for beard transplant are taken from the coded nape to avoid shedding. For this reason, after planting beards are not shed permanently. However, after the 2nd week after sowing shock shedding is experienced. This spill should not be confused with permanent spill. Shock shedding is a common process that is seen in everyone and after this shedding one’s beard grows louder again.



What are the Patient’s Responsibilities Before Beard Transplant?

The patient should be able to tell his / her health history before the beard planting. If there is a medication he regularly uses, he should tell the doctor. Blood thinners and so on. If drugs are used, these drugs should be interrupted before the operation. In addition, smoking increases the risks during the procedure and slows down the healing process after beard transplant. Therefore, smoking should be suspended for a while before the procedure.


What to Do Before Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is not an operation that can be performed as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital. It is decided beforehand whether the patient is suitable for beard transplant. Determine whether the beard shedding is permanent. Because some people may develop temporary shedding as a result of stress or metabolic disorders. Beard transplant cannot be performed in temporary shedding. Various tests are performed on the patient. If the patient is suitable for hair transplant, beard transplant planning is started. The donor site is decided. The back of the neck is usually preferred as a donor site. It is determined how much hair follicle will be transferred to beardless areas. After the beard transplant, it is determined how the beard will look and the transplant stage is started.


How to Wash After Beard Transplant?

Just like in hair transplant, the first wash is very important in beard transplant. Therefore, the first washing should be carried out at the hair transplant center. Subsequent washings can be performed by the patient. The patient should be very sensitive and careful when washing his beard. Washing water should not be too hot or too cold. Water should not be too pressurized. The products to be used during washing should be the ones recommended by the doctor. If a product other than these products is to be used, a doctor should be consulted beforehand. When washing the beards, do not touch them too hard and soft towels should be preferred when drying.


What are the Side Effects of Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant operations are easy operations. However, as in any operation, some side effects and complications may occur in beard transplant. Side effects of beard transplant include;

• Itching,

• Redness,

• Skinning,

• Edema and swelling,

• Infection,

• Risks related to anesthesia,

• Bleeding,

• Skinning,

• Bruising and

• You may experience numbness.



How Long Does Beard Transplant Last

Beard transplant does not last as long as hair transplant. The operation time is usually 2-6 hours. However, the duration varies from patient to patient. The longer the number of hair follicles and the beardless area to be transplanted, the longer the processing time.


What is Beard Transplant Costs?

Beard transplant costs are one of the most important issues before the operation. The fact that hair transplant prices are higher than expected may discourage the patient from having an operation. Or it could delay the operation.

A price cannot be given for beard transplant. Because transportation prices are shaped according to many factors. The main factors shaping the prices of beard transplant are;

• Costs vary according to the doctor who will beard. The prices of the procedure to be performed by a physician who is highly specialized, experienced and recognized in the field may be higher.

• Costs at the hair transplant clinic are changing. Not all hair transplant clinics may offer the same prices for hide transplant.

• Costs vary according to the techniques and tools to be used in beard planting.

• Costs vary considerably according to the city and country where the operation will be performed.


Beard Transplant Costs in Turkey

Turkey health tourism is one of the first to come to mind country. Turkey has opted for millions of tourists health tourism. The first reason is the reasonable prices. Beard transplant in Turkey prices are very affordable. Another reason is the successful operations and doctors. As a result of successful operations conducted in Turkey it has become a country even more preferred.


Beard Transplant Costs in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of medical tourism in Turkey’s most preferred. Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city. Istanbul hair transplant prices are very economical. Istanbul is also a very important city in terms of geography. Half of the province is in Asia and the other half is in Europe. It is very close to many countries on the European continent. In addition, Istanbul is a city that fills the eye with its historical buildings. During the period of stay in the city for beard transplant, the city’s historical and cultural beauties can be visited. In this way, you can have a beard transplant and a small travel.


With Esthetic Hair Turkey, you can successfully realize our beard attachment. You can contact us for more information about beard transplant prices.