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Abdominoplasty with frequently asked questions about this article, you can reach the curiosity about abdominoplasty.

Thin waist and tummy abdomen is a condition that many people want to have. However, fat or sagging may occur as a result of various reasons in the abdomen. Abdomenoplasty is performed to avoid such problems in the abdomen and its surroundings.


What is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is the removal of excess fat and sagging skin around the abdomen. Abdominoplasty surgery to remove excess fat in the waist of the person. Drooping and cracked skin in this area is removed. If there is a loose abdominal muscle, these muscles are repaired. Abdominoplasty is divided into full and mini abdominoplasty. Ful abdominoplasty is preferred in cases of severe ossification and sagging of the skin. Mini abdominoplasty surgery is performed in cases where sagging is less.


Who Can Perform Abdominoplasty?

Those with post-natal sagging and regional fatigue problems,

Those who experience skin sagging as a result of excessive weight loss,

Abdominoplasty is not a method of slimming. This surgery is done to get rid of stubborn fats and skin sags that do not go despite sports and diet.


How Long Does Adominoplasty Last?

The duration of surgery varies from person to person. If a large area operation is to be performed, the procedure may take 2-3 hours. When mini abdominoplasty is performed, the operation lasts 1-2 hours on average.


Does Abdominoplasty Pain Surgery?

Since abdominal surgery is performed under anesthesia, no pain is felt during surgery. Some pain may be felt the day after surgery. However, patients complain of tension and inability to stand upright.


What are the points to be considered before abdominal prostatitis?

• Abdominoplasty should be discontinued prior to the use of blood thinners.

• Smoking should be stopped or interrupted before surgery.

• The person should fully explain his / her health history to his / her doctor.

• The use of multivitamin pills should be discontinued.

• If there are regular medications, you should talk to your doctor.


What is the Post-Abdominoplasty Process?

Postoperative embolic socks are given to the patients. The abdomen is dressed in a corset. In the first days after surgery, it is recommended to walk forward with a slant to avoid any strain on the sutures. Patients can walk upright after an average of 4-5 days after surgery. This period is shorter for those who have mini abdominal stretching. Approximately one week after the procedure, patients can return to their daily lives. After 1 month, they can do sports except sports that involve heavy abdominal movements.


What Are the Side Effects of Abdominoplasty?

Pulmonary embolism is the most feared complication in abdominoplasty surgery. This risk is higher in obese, elderly and diabetic patients who smoke too much. Patients who are overweight are advised to lose weight before surgery. A few weeks after surgery, there may also be cases of sebum accumulation under the skin.


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