Cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant can be varied in price depending on where you’re planning to have it, which surgeon will do it and other surgery related expenditures. Previously, hair transplants were really expensive and the grafts quality wasn’t as good as it is in present time. Since, there has been a significant rise in hair loss problems and hair transplant surgeries, the prices for the grafts have descended considerably.

Today, there are many hospitals and clinics have opened up offering hair transplant services. With the emergence of more platforms and easy online access, there is a likelihood of hair transplant cost will continue to descend even more.

Medical procedures vary from location to location. For example, planning to have the surgery done in the third world countries would be less costlier than getting it done from the first world countries. Luckily, there are some countries like Turkey that offer tourism medical with a certain procedural way in reasonable cost.

Usually, a 1000 graft procedure will reduce other expenses such as medications, lab tests, anesthesia cost and so forth. In the USA, this surgery will cost between $8000 and $10,000 while people getting it done in Canada will need to pay between $7000 and 10,000.

Similarly, the 1000 graft based hair transplant cost in Europe and Australia can start from $5000 and go up to $7000. Japan and Pakistan will cost you lesser than the aforementioned estimated cost with $1300-$2500 and $550 to $1500 respectively.

The competition in hair transplant market has not only effected the hair transplant cost but has also leaded to a significant improvement in the overall procedure allowing the patients to get thicker and fuller hair. Today’s hair transplant sessions are longer than those happened to be in the past. Previously, the average hair transplant cost was about $15 per graft for a few hundred grafts in a small session.

Typically the price is based on the grafts and sessions required for a hair transplant surgery. In order to determine how many grafts you will exactly need, consult one of the doctors at the hair transplant hospital. It’s wise to visit more than one doctor to know about their surgical procedures and compare hair transplant cost offered by them.

In present time, hair transplant cost ranges from $ 3.50 to $7 per graft, and this price will drop with longer surgical sessions. However, it is unlikely to find cheap hair transplant if you want a quality and lasting hair transplant results.



The final hair transplant cost will depend on how much hair restoration is needed and which clinic you choose to get it done. Larger cities like London, Istanbul, New York etc. have more competition thereby have cheaper hair transplant cost. For that reason, if you’re planning for a hair transplant surgery, it is recommended to get free consultations from different hair transplant hospitals and clinics. Find out their work quality, expertise and experience of the surgeons and price. Compare them and decide on the best one.