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The nose is one of the organs that directly affects the person’s image. Those who are not satisfied with their nose can get the image they want with rhinoplasty surgery. Those who decide to have nose surgery wonder what awaits them after rhinoplasty. Those who wonder what will happen after surgery can read this article after rhinoplasty process and the things to be considered.


After Rhinoplasty Process

The healing process after rhinoplasty may vary from person to person. Postoperative pain medication and other necessary medications are prescribed by the doctor. These drugs can be used if any pain is felt.

Bloating and bruises may appear on the patient’s face after surgery. About 10 days after surgery, the bruises disappear largely. After 2 or 3 weeks it becomes almost invisible.

Back to school or work 8 days after surgery. For some patients, this period can be up to two weeks.

On average 3 weeks after surgery, patients may return to their previous exercise level. A minimum of one month should be waited for contact sports and heavy exercises.

After rhinoplasty the majority of the healing process in  2-3.months is completed. Bruises and swelling of the nose are usually completely eliminated. The tip of the nose may be numb. This feeling of numbness passes over time.

One year after rhinoplasty surgery, all the swelling in the nose will be over. The scar will disappear. After this stage, the doctor should be consulted for the evaluation of the results of your surgery and for routine controls.


Considerations After Rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, it should be laid upside down. The head should not be turned higher than 45 degrees. Turning more can cause curvature of the nose. Therefore, this rule must be followed in the first 3 weeks after surgery.

• It is recommended not to consume very hot foods in the first week after the operation. Care should be taken not to chew very hard foods in the first days after surgery. Soft and easy to chew foods should be consumed.

• Patients should be careful not to wet dressings when washing their face.

• It is natural that swelling occurs on the cheeks and around the eyes. Cold applications in these areas will reduce bruising and swelling.

• Care should be taken when brushing teeth after surgery. Care should be taken not to damage the nose.

• Care must be taken to take any impact on the face.

• Sexual intercourse should not be established and sports should not be performed for 2 weeks after the operation.

• Avoid excessive use of mimics and laughter in the first week after surgery.

• Abundant and easy to wear clothes should be preferred. Wear clothing such as shirts that will not contact the face and especially the nose.

• It should be protected from the sun as much as possible in the weeks following the operation.

• If any medication other than the medications given by the doctor is used after the operation, the doctor should be asked.

• Glasses should not be used in the first month after the operation. Lens use can be continued approximately two hours after surgery.


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