9 Known Mistakes About Rhinoplasty - Esthetic Hair Turkey

The number of people who are prejudiced by this surgery due to the mistakes they know correctly about rhinoplasty is considerable. We have prepared this article to put an end to these false assumptions.


No Intervention to Breathing Problems in Rhinoplasty Surgery

In the nose aesthetics, it is determined whether the patient has breathing problems. If the patient has breathing problems, this problem is also intervened during aesthetic surgery. In this way, the patient breathes comfortably and attains an aesthetic nose appearance.


Post-operative Buffers Are Very Painful When Removing

Another well known mistake about rhinoplasty surgery is that it is thought to be very painful when removing buffers and splints. But this process is not a painful process. However, because everyone’s pain threshold is different, some patients may experience slight pain.


Rhinoplasty Can Be Done For Everyone

Contrary to common knowledge, nose surgery cannot be performed for everyone. Age and health status of the patient is important for performing the surgery. Nose surgery cannot be performed for young people. Rhinoplasty can be performed if the patient has an existing disease and does not prevent surgery. Smoking also affects the process negatively. Smoking increases the risk of rhinoplasty and adversely affects recovery after the procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that smokers stop or stop smoking before surgery.


Smile Changes After Rhinoplasty

There is no change in the patient’s smile after rhinoplasty. Postoperative edema and swelling occur. This affects the smile. But this is a temporary situation. There is no permanent smile change after rhinoplasty.


Nasal Tip Falls After Rhinoplasty

Successful operations performed by a qualified and experienced doctor are unlikely to result in nasal falls.


Rhinoplasty Surgery is Very Painful 

Thanks to new developments, post-nasal aesthetics are more painless and comfortable than in previous periods. Contrary to the general belief, there is not much pain in the nose. Nevertheless, pain relief is prescribed by the doctor for post-operative pain.


Natural Invisible Nose After Rhinoplasty

Those who are dissatisfied with the shape of the nose may hesitate to give up the idea of ​​rhinoplasty after the surgery. However, the doctor decides how the nose will look after the surgery with the patient. If the patient wants a completely natural image, the nose is designed accordingly. With the nose design, how the nose will change before and after rhinoplasty can be seen.


Rhinoplasty Only To Female Can Be Done

Aesthetic operations are generally preferred by women. But the fact that women prefer these operations more does not mean that aesthetic procedures cannot be performed for men. Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed in men as well as women. Men are afraid of not having a natural nose after surgery. However, natural results can be obtained in rhinoplasty surgery. A smoother nose design is made for women while a smoother nose is designed for men. The results of the rhinoplasty operations performed on men are quite natural since the gender is not ignored when designing the nose.


Another misconception is that rhinoplasty costs are very expensive. But the operations are carried out in Turkey is very convenient. In Esthetic Hair Turkey, rhinoplasty surgeries are performed at reasonable prices. You can also contact us to find out the rhinoplasty prices in Turkey.