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  • The Beard Always More Trendy

    There is a reason why there is a steep increase in the number of people opting for a beard transplant to follow trendy beard styles. The reason is beard can undeniably make a man feel more attractive, confident and masculine.  A beard transplant is the only permanent solution to all facial hair loss problems. Today, men take beard loss more seriously than ever. It is due to the fact that so many celebrities and influencers have brought thicker beard back in fashion. Some of the celebrities that helped set trendy beard styles 2022 are Jason Momoa, George Clooney, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Drake. Beard has become more than just a fashion phenomenon and allows men to express their style and personality.

    Correct imperfections with a beard transplant

    As much as some people want to follow trendy beard styles, they are unable to do so as they can not grow a thick beard. There are numerous reasons why a person is not able to grow a proper beard. These reasons include genetics, hereditary or non-hereditary diseases or an injury. Most men are extremely insecure about the absence or insufficiency of facial hair. However, it is now possible for them to grow a thick beard with the help of a transplant to improve their appearance and correct their imperfections.

    A beard transplant helps not just beard loss due to illnesses, burns or accidents but also congenital beard deficiencies. The procedure of beard transplant is simple as the doctor will take hair follicles from the donor area, which is nape and then he will transplant it where the facial hair is sparse.  After the procedure, the person can continue his / her daily life without a break.

    Advantages of a beard transplant

    A beard transplant is a great solution if you have a sparse beard and wish to follow trendy beard styles. However, besides this, there are also other numerous advantages of a beard transplant such as

    • A beard transplant will allow you to fix your mustache, cheeks and sideburns as well.
    • The cost of a beard transplant in Turkey is a lot lower as compared to other countries and other transplant such as hair transplant. It is because a beard transplant requires lesser grafts than a hair transplant.
    • You will be able to have a fuller and a natural appearance.
    • Soon after the transplant, you will be able to trim, shave and style your beard to follow any trendy beard styles.

    Why you should get a beard transplant

    If you are someone who loves following global fashion, you would definitely want to follow trendy beard styles. There are countless reasons why you should get a beard transplant if you suffer from facial hair loss, absence or scarcity of facial hair. These reasons are

    • It is a fast, easy and efficient way of growing facial hair. It guarantees facial hair growth that is permanent and the procedure is painless due to the use of anesthesia.
    • Natural and aesthetic result. A beard transplant will give you a thicker beard that not only looks aesthetic but also natural so no one can ever tell if you got a transplant.
    • Immediate re-growth. Unlike other treatments for facial hair loss. A beard transplant ensures immediate and definite hair re-growth.
    • Provision of self-confidence. The lack of facial hair can make men very insecure as it is a crucial facial feature. Having a full and thick beard will allow men to feel very confident.
    • It automatically adds more charisma to a man’s face and personality.

    Beard Transplant Costs In Turkey

    Trendy Beauty Styles 2022 – EHT beauty advice

    If you are having trouble finding the right beard style for yourself, we will help you out. It is important to choose the right beard style, depending on the shape of the face, your facial hair and also your personality. We have come up with a list of top 10 most trendy beard styles of 2022 that you can pick from.

    • Goatee
    • Shortstubble
    • Longstubbe
    • Circle Beard
    • Full Beard
    • Ducktail
    • Verdi
    • Garibaldi
    • Bandholz
    • Anchor

    Beard Transplant at Esthetic Hair Turkey

    If you have had enough of not being able to follow trendy beard styles due to lack of facial hair, look no further. Esthetic hair Turkey provides the highest quality of treatments. This is especially if you are looking for a beard transplant considering both the lower cost and high quality of the treatment. Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience in facial hair transplantation so you can be sure that you are in good hands. By getting a beard transplant in Turkey, you will not only get your transplant you will also be able to enjoy your vacation in Istanbul. The beard transplant follows the same procedure as a hair transplant but with shorter operating time depending on number of grafts that you will be getting. Your doctor will give you local anesthesia prior to the transplant to make the process pain free.

    At Esthetic Hair Turkey, our doctors opt for the most advanced techniques for a beard transplant such as FUE and DHI techniques. These techniques consist of manually extracting the hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area) and transplanting them into bald or less dense areas of the face. Esthetic Hair Turkey’s services include consultation, event planning and hair transplantation by our professional and experienced doctors. In addition, our services are accompanied by an all-inclusive package (Hotel 5*, airport / hotel / hospital transfers, care products, guarantee certificate), as well as pre- and post-operative follow-up, including with our medical assistants and interpreters at your disposal). Our consultants will get in touch with you and create a customized treatment plan for you depending on which facial hair transplant you need.

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