3 Facts You Need to Know about Hair Loss

Whether you have been experiencing your hair strands clogging up your hair brush or you have noticed a sign of baldness, we all experience hair loss at some point in our lives. However, if yours is the latter, it would definitely pose a knock-on effect particularly on your confidence and emotional health.

Are you suffering from hair loss? Or do you know someone who is presently experiencing patterned baldness? Perhaps you might be unsure of what constitutes the average amount of hair one should grow, here are a few facts you need to know about hair loss. Sit back and let’s get started:

Your Diets influences your Hair Growth: Hair is usually made of a constituent called Keratin. Ensure that your diets are rich in protein. This would help to keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny at all times. Try to incorporate meals involving fishes, meats, and eggs in your diets. With this, you’ll gradually observe an improvement in your hair growth.

More so, ensure that you include sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in your diets, for instance, foods that are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E and also irons, magnesium, selenium, and copper. All of these will serve as a fuel for your hair growth.

Scratching Your Head may have an adverse effect on your hair Growth: It is true that scratching your head regularly may affect your hair growth thereby leading to hair loss. What many don’t know is that using long and sharp nails to scratch your head may traumatize your hair and scalp. Whenever you scratch your head frequently, you tend to damage your hair follicles gradually and this would have a significant impact on your hair growth.

Brushing Your Hair is Good for the scalp: Brushing your hair regularly especially after a bath in the morning and evening for about 1-2 minutes will also encourage hair growth. This is due to the fact that effective brushing stimulates circulation of blood to the scalp. Whenever you wash your hair, it is also essential that you massage the scalp gently. This also helps to improve circulation.

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