Why Esthetic Hair Turkey?

Esthetic Hair Turkey

Why Esthetic Hair Turkey?

Why Esthetic Hair Turkey?

ESTHETIC HAIR TURKEY was opened in 2008 to help people receive the best service from the professional surgeons regarding hair transplantations as well as other esthetical operations.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to hair loss and head skin problems. Trichological products from prescription drugs to Microscopic Follicular Hair Planting and Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.).

ESTHETICAL HAIR TURKEY has a reputable team of experienced professionals who offer the best advice and treatment available for men and women suffering from hair loss, low-quality hair growth and disorders of scalps

At Esthetic Hair Turkey, our professional team will provide you any kind of beauty surgeries. and treatments. Each of the surgery will be performed by the expert doctors in their field with their fully trained and experienced team. Our doctors and the team members can speak many international languages so you will not have any language barrier if you are with us. 

1- Esthetic Hair Turkey performs the operations in one of the best hospitals in a very good location.

2- In our hospitaly, everything is entirely sterilized to avoid any kind of infections. All of our doctors have been expertised in their field and have very professional teams in their field to complete their operation with the best result. 
We are %100 insured and giving you the guarantee of the best possible result for your operation. As our hospital is registered to Ministry of Health, with obeying the rules and policies of the Health Ministry, we are committed to provide you the best service.

3- All of our operations will be performed by the expertised doctors and nurse team. The Professional medical staff will be assisting you during the operations. We are not similar to the other medical centers who performs their operation with only nurse team without any expert doctor who would even supervise them. 
Our pharmacist will always be available after your operation to prescribe the medicine by respect to your needs.

4- Before your arrival, we approach to our patients with honesty and always stay away from giving misleading information. Before your arrival to İstanbul, we make sure everything is ready for your operations by analyzing all the details we received from our patient and perform all the steps that were promised before the arrival.

5- Estehetic Hair Turkey provides 24 hours customer service with knowledgeable representatives. What and Why is 24 hours service?

To contact and get the answer to your request and questions very quickly, you will be given the mobile number of our medical staffs and you will be able to contact us for any inquiry for 24 hours. You can have all the detailed information for your hair transplant operation and the procedures.
We make you feel special with our care and professionalism.

6- As Esthetic Hair Turkey, we have all the necessary certificates from the Ministry of Health and from the union of medical centers we have been awarded the Guarantee Certificate.

7- Our lead doctor has experience for more than 15 years in hair transplantation and been in more than thousand of operations. His team has been working with him for many years with full of experience.

8- Esthetic Hair Turkey’s special team, each of which have full knowledge about hair transplantation will not leave you alone after your operation and will be assisting you for any question or request you have.

9- As Esthetic Hair Turkey, we respect our patient and never share their informations with any 3rd parties and will never use their photos or details without their permission and approval.