What Is Fue Hair Transplant

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What Is Fue Hair Transplant

What Is Fue Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

It is a kind of surgery in which the hair you already have will be used to fill out the places in your head where there is less or no hair. This procedure is started to be applied by the doctors since 1950s. However, the techniques that are being used changed and improved during the years.
The procedure for hair transplant can be applied in doctor’s office in private clinics or in hospitals. Simply, the doctor will clean your scalp and insert medicine to anesthetize your head. Currently, surgeons are using two methods for hair transplantation, FESS follicular unit strip surgery or FUE, follicular unit extraction.

With FUSS, the surgeon cleans the skin from 6-10 inches behind his head. He puts it aside and closes the head skin. This area will be hidden with the hair around the cleaned area.

Subsequently, the surgeon divides the extracted dermis strip into 500 to 2,000 small grafts, each with one or only a few hairs. The type and number of grafts you receive depends on your hair type, size, color, and size of the area you receive from the donor.
If you are receiving the FUE procedure, the surgeon will shave behind your scalp. Then the doctor will remove the hair roots from there. The area heals with small points that will cover your current hair.

After this point, both procedures are the same. After preparing the grafts, the surgeon cleanses the area where the hair will go, creates holes or slits with a scalpel or needle, and places each graft precisely in one of the holes. Probably will get help from other team members to graft the grafts.

Depending on the size of the transporter you are taking, the process will take about 4-8 hours. If you continue to lose your hair or want thicker hair, you may need another treatment after you decide.

What is FUE Surgery?

FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery is much less invasive than conventional laryngeal surgery. It does not use a scalpel or staples or stitches. FUE is better described as "procedure" than "surgery". With this technique, the donor area is shaved to your skin so that individual follicular units (FUs) are exposed. When individual follicular units become visible, we can choose by removing the most ideal FUs. Generally, units with the most follicles are selected for removal. This allows us to maximize the number of follicles excised per graft. The average number of follicles per graft is much higher than conventional strip harvesting and microscopic dissection with this technique.

Each follicular unit is passed to the technicians after the unit has been removed, so that each graft is cut in excess tissue and brought to the perfect size for the particular recipient site. It is possible with the FUE technique, such as hairless FUE, that many changes are possible, in which only the follicular units to be removed are shaved and the surrounding fur remains longer. In this way, the entire transmitter area appears unchanged without any indication of procedure. This technique takes longer, but offers the advantage of not being fully detectable and is suitable for individuals who require zero post-operative interruptions.

Although FUE appears to be quite specific - it is used to describe any extraction technique that does not actually contain a scalpel. Whether sharp, matte, manual or motorized, any size fist passes.

The longer the punch, the greater the likelihood of trauma to the scalp and the donor scar. Since the whole concept of FUE is to reduce the amount of visible scarring, the use of large punches can actually increase the amount of scarring in the harvest area. As a general rule, small, sharp manual staplers can produce graphics with the least possible trauma to both graft and donor sites.