PRP Treatment For Hair Loss

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PRP Treatment For Hair Loss

PRP Treatment For Hair Loss

PRP Hair Treatments

It is known that stem cells are unique, powerful type of cells that are present in each of our bodies that fight diseases, repair damages and re-grow important cells such as those necessary for the growth of skin and hair.

Many of the diseases today are caused by an underlying problem with stem cell regeneration. These, and other conditions caused by a deficiency of stem cells — including hair loss can be treated using PRP hair treatment, which adds beneficial stem cells to the area needing treatment and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself by creating new hair growth.

Who should not have PRP Hair Treatment?

Although PRP hair treatment is a preferred method for so many people, there are unfortunately some obstacles. That is to say, patients with active infections on the scalp, diabetes, or coagulation disease are not good candidates for PRP Hair Treatment.

How does the PRP Hair Treatment proceed?

Esthetic Hair Turkey surgeons will collect blood via a small cannula from your vein. Your stem cells are harvested and processed at a laboratory facility. Special laboratory technology is used to separate the platelet rich plasma containing your stem cells and growth factors from your blood.

Your own blood is injected back into your scalp targeting the areas where your current hair growth is diminishing.The entire procedure takes about an hour and is virtually painless. You can resume normal daily activity immediately.